Sabine Faast  Lyrics

Lyrics aus dem Album GLÜCKSMOMENTE 12/2020


...aus meinen Aufzeichnungen.....

Ohne di





I wünsch da




Kind sei










Ohne di










I lass los





I let go





Sche di zum seng





Do füa di





Good Morning






Mantras aus dem 2. Buch von Lola Jones

Leader of Divine Openings


"Du bist so viel größer als du denkst"

"You are so much bigger than you think"





Lyrics "Divine Openings Chants"

Temporary, ev`rything is temporary….       contrast is my friend


I´M allowing, I`m allowing allowing hmmmm

I`m allowing, I´m allowing allowing ev`ryday a little more


All feelings are good……. 

feelings have a message for me 2x

feelings have a message for me yeah me feelings have a message for me


How could it be easier 3x for me

I ask and smile and I let go 4x


Slower is quicker

it`s better than to rush, it`s better than to stress my self

slower is quicker, being with the flow even faster I will go


I let it be as it is 3x  gives me joy and ease


I rave and appreciate I don`t wat I generate

I rave and apreciate la la la la la

makes me feel so fine and the world is mine  2x


I´m open for the possibility

I wobble till I stabilize …. I will surf it all


I don`t believe anything I think ….

My mind is a wonderful servant but the master am I


I just make it ok and it will move , it will move...


All my power is here , all my power is now

right inside of me, I will find the key.


Yes to me, yes to you, yes to me, yes to all